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Fill DokonskyFil is 27 years old, a Russian illustrator working worldwide.

He was born in a Far Eastern artists' family. His father worked as an illustrator in a local publishing house. When he was about 4 years old, he draw for some children books. Those have been his first commissions.

He studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Far Eastern Humanitarian University. He loved to study colors, loved drawing every single day, a fact that made him give up the graphic designer job.

In the last three years he worked as a freelancer, and, although he's just at the beginning of his career, he worked for Wrigley, McDonald's, Heinz, Kinder, Bounty, Danone, Beeline, Panasonic, Cosmopolitan, Henkel and with the biggest advertsising agencies worldwide like BBDO, DDB, Lowe Adventa, Saatchi & Saatchi, etc.

Fil also practice yoga and he likes being a pro-bono yoga instructor.

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