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The Best Online Animation was voted by the public, on Youtube/Kinofest. "What the Hex!" by Akshat Sharma gathered most likes from the finalist films. It is a production from Singapore, from 2019, an International Premier, that happened at Kinofest.

Synopsis: All Abhi wants to do is be left alone to his video games. His elder sister Kiara however has no respect for boundaries. When she goes too far, Abhi uses Black Magic Technology to keep his annoying sister at bay.

Akshat Sharma is a 3D generalist from India who has graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts. He is passionate about animation as a medium of storytelling, and is unafraid of working hard and taking risks. Akshat has a knack for tackling technical challenges headfirst.

Parteners in 2019: Zile si Nopti, Iqads, Yotransfer, Modernism, Cinefan,, Revista Comics

The films are uploaded, so the online Kinofest competition begins! 24 short animations are screened only online: they are uploaded on Kinofest web page ( and on Kinofest Youtube channel ( and they are available for public voting up until 10th November. In order to vote, you must have an Youtube account. After you log in and you watch the films, choose your favorite and press the “like” button, under the film player. The film that gathers most appreciations (“likes”), until Sunday 10th November, at Midnight, is considered winner. The films will remain uploaded on our Youtube channel after the competition ends. 

The official Call for Entries for Kinofest 2019 has begun!

You can start sending films! The deadline for registrations is 31st August 2019. Please read about registration requirements, terms and conditions here.

The 13th edition of Kinofest will take place: on 1-27 October on internet, and on 25-27 October in cinema.

Kinofest 2019 has 3 different competition cathegories: the Online Competition (animations), organized in October (1-27) and two offline competitions (25-27 October): Animation and Fiction.

Online Animation Competition (1-27 October): The selected films will be upload on Youtube Kinofest (, and available for the public voting (with “like”). The film that gathers most vots will win thecompetition.

OFFline Kinofest Competitions (25-27 October): Animation and Fiction. The selected films will be projected in a cinema, on 25-27 October. The jury, one for each section, will choose the winners: Best Animation and Best Fiction. If the budget will allow us, we’ll have two more prizes – a Jury Prize for each offline competition.

The prizes will be cash.