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Explore Slovak animation with a special selection 25 Years in Slovak Animation!

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary years of Slovakia’s independence, Slovak Film Institute and International Animation Festival Fest Anča prepared the compilation 25 Years in Slovak Animation, presenting widely recognized and renowned Slovak animated shorts made since 1993.

The selected shorts introduce various precedencies, milestones and distinguish authors who have formed Slovak contemporary animation. Titles demonstrate literacy, technical prowess, thematic maturity and inventiveness of their authors.

Slovak animation has gone through uneasy times since 1993. Drastic institutional changes right after the declaration of indepedence caused stagnation in Slovak animation that affected the whole community of animation filmmakers. The establishment of Department of Animation at the Academy of Performing Arts averted the risk of its total disappearance of Slovak animation. From this vague period arose a new generation of Slovak animators. At that time an important part for the growth of animation was represented by commissioned work on animated music videos.

More about the Academy and it’s Department of Animation

While Film and TV Faculty’s tradition is more than sixty years old, its DEPARTMENT OF ANIMATION was established only in 1993 (three years after the Faculty of Film and Television establishment as an independent body). Films of the graduates, characterized by strong autarchic visuality, have been seen with great success and recognition at many representative international events (Annecy, Los Angeles, Moscow, Stuttgart, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and many more). Among the winners of world prestigious awards for animators are names such as: Katarina Kerekesova, Vanda Raymanova, Ivana Laucikova, Michal Struss, Michaela Copikova, Peter Budinsky, Martin Snopek, Vlado Kral, Boris Sima or Martina Mikusova. During the last 25 years Department of Animation educated more than 80 graduates who are currently working in the professional field, have their own production companies and help educate next generations of filmmakers.

The Faculty of Film and Television has been founded in 1990 as the youngest of the three faculties of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. With more than 150 films produced every year, ranging from short exercises to medium-length films, it is the most important film school in Slovakia. The faculty offers ten academic specializations: scriptwriting, fiction film directing, documentary film directing, editing, cinematography, animation, sound design, production and management, audiovisual studies and visual effects. We encourage experimentation and research in artistic creation and help our students to adapt to the professional needs of contemporary audiovisual and multimedia arts.

1.A Ballad of Four Horses, Gratex s.r.o. (4' / 1995)

2.Steps, Jumps, Years… and the Last One Turn the Lights Off,Katarína Kerekesová, Vanda Raýmanová, Michal Struss, Karol Holubčík, Maroš Končok, Vlado Král, Martina Matlovičová, Matej Klade, Martin Snopek (5' / 1995)

3.Glider, Igor Derevenec, Juraj Krumpolec (4' / 1997)

4.Double voice invention a-minor, Vladimír Král (4' / 1998)

5.In the Box, Michal Stuss (6' / 1999)

6.Viliam, Veronika Obertová (7' / 2009)

7.Twins, Peter Budinský (6' / 2011)

8.Last Bus, Ivana Laučíková, Martin Snopek (15' / 2011)

9.Pandas, Matúš Vizár (11' / 2012)

10.Cowboyland, Dávid Štumpf (5' / 2015)

11.Spirit of the City, Veronika Kocourková, Andrej Kolenčík (4' / 2015)